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Children's Program

Sister Georgie (a character played by Dr. Faith Walters) reads bible stories for children in a dramatic, funny, witty, and activity-packed series designed to be a positive, transformative, and exciting show for children to learn about the bible and share their thoughts and ideas. This is a show that the entire family can enjoy.

Bible Stories For Children

Bible Stories with Sis. Georgie | Jesus & The Samaritan Woman #Children #Stories #umeradio #newyork
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Benefits of being on the show

This show is not only designed to benefit the children who watch the show. It is also designed as a safe space for children to showcase their talents, and share their thoughts and ideas to inspire other children. The top five reasons why we encourage you to let your children be on the show is to:

  1. Help them gain public speaking experience

  2. Develop their talent, good work ethic, and presentation skills

  3. Help them to learn poise

  4. Help them to learn adaptability

  5. Help them to learn how to use their gifts to inspire others

Benefits of watching the show

Research shows that positive multimedia content can help your children develop educationally, socially, and culturally. And in the case of faith-based content, it can help them develop spiritually. The top five reasons why we encourage you to let your children watch this show, is to:

  1. Help them learn about bible stories that can empower them

  2. Entertain them through interactive story-telling that will keep them engaged

  3. Inspire kids to try new activities and engage in "unplugged" learning.

  4. Motivate kids to read books and boost their analytical skills.

  5. Participate in positive activities and games that will enhance their learning experience.

Rules of the Excel Kids Game

What is the Excel Kids Game?

The Excel Quiz Game is a live television game designed to inspire, motivate and educate children. The game is a part of the Bible Stories for Children series where Sister Georgie teaches children about bible stories, stories based on celebrated historical events, and books about people who have changed the world.

Rules of the Game 

Only registered players can win. Anyone can play the game, but only registered players qualify to win rewards. There are no guarantees that your child will win the game. However, every registered player has a chance to win every month. Only winners will receive a reward. Winners are selected once monthly, so each player must participate in the live game weekly, in order to become eligible to win. Each winning cycle consists of three games which begin the first week of every month. The second week is the semi-final, and the third week is the final game. The winner is required to be a guest on the show for the announcement and for the awarding of the winning prize.

How it works

Week One: Every player must be registered to participate. This is the first game of the month, and only players with points will qualify for the second game, which is the semi-final.

Week Two: This is the second game of the month and the semi-final. Only players with points will move on to the finals. Week One and Week Two points will be added together, and each player will go to the final round with their accumulated score.

Week Three: This is the finals. The person with the highest score after their scores for Week One, Week Two, and Week Three are added together.

The Winner will be featured on the show where they will receive their award. The awards will be a surprise. 

We may choose at any time to give out other prizes and surprises to second and third place winners.

Every player has an equal opportunity to play and win as many times as they choose. 

The official games begin on May 7, 2022, Child’s month, but we will be playing the game throughout the month of April, to give you a chance to learn how to play and practice.

How to Register

Visit theexcelproject.com/kids or theexcelproject.com/register


Who can play?

Children 12 years or younger.

Who can win?

Only players who register can win Amazon gift cards and other prizes and surprises.

The Game

Every game has 10 questions. Each player gets ONE MINUTE or 60 seconds to answer each question. All the questions are based on the story of the day. You have 15 minutes to answer all the questions. And remember, the most important part of the game is to HAVE FUN!